purchase our infographics for your hospital

If you are interested in commissioning our infographics, welcome signs or process/equipment diagrams, talk to us about your plans. You don’t have to know exactly what you want – we have plenty of experience and lots of ideas!

We will need approximate sizes and it helps us to see photos of the space. We then provide an accurate quotation based on size and the level of customisation required. This will include the cost of printing and installation.

Wall artwork is supplied either as rigid panels or as self-adhesive vinyl. The vinyl looks great on good quality, smooth surfaces. Rigid panels are easier to install and can be relocated. Costs are similar, both are wipeable and meet most infection control and fire safety standards.


COSTS: We’ll give you a quotation for exactly what you need – sometimes with options for keeping the cost down.

FUNDING: Artwork is often is funded by hospital patient welfare charities, or a combination of resources from clinical, charity and communications budgets.  

PURCHASE ORDER: Once we’ve agreed on the scope of the work and our quotation is accepted, we will need a purchase order before we start work.

Ideas + Design

EQUIPMENT DIAGRAMS: Each diagram is designed to match your set-up. We will supply a list of our equipment icons – just select what we should include. If anything is missing or looks different, we will create new images.

WELCOME SIGNS: We will develop a bespoke design to enhance your unit. Illustrations of the area featuring local landmarks have proved popular and effective.

WRITING: Together we will develop clear and accurate patient information or equipment descriptions. We follow NHS guidelines for plain English so text is easy to understand. This can also be checked by medical staff before we print.

Design Process

From the information you provide, we’ll get creative and produce a first proof. We send you this as a pdf to check. If any changes are needed you can send these back to us by email – as a list, as comments on the pdf or scribbled on a printout.

We’ll update the design to include your changes and send you a second proof. It’s a good idea to get someone else to read everything at this stage – a pair of fresh eyes is such a good idea! Any final changes are sent on a final proof for your approval before we send it to print.

We will liaise with you about suitable dates for delivery and installation. Typically the whole process takes from four to six weeks.

Anything else?

Hospital Trust logos and that of your charity or other funding body can easily be included in the design. Your communications team may want to be involved to ensure that designs fit with your brand guidelines.

Specifications for all proposed materials can be supplied to your building’s management team to make sure we meet infection control and fire standards for the hospital.


Now, let's talk...

We’re not a big business – we’re Gill Marles + Adrian Barclay and you can talk to one of us. We will help you understand the process and share our experience of working in all sorts of healthcare environments.

Call us: 0117 949 3020 or email Gill or Adrian

All designs are copyright Marles and Barclay Ltd.
Our design for the Intensive Care Diagram is registered with the Intellectual Property Office. Registered Design Numbers: 6068783 / 606783. Description: Intensive care unit equipment Infographic. International Design Classification: 12-2019 Graphic Symbols, Logos and Surface Patterns.